Pittsford Ridge Hike, Sunday, September 16, 4:00 to 5:30 p.m.  (Hubbardton)

Explore part of the evacuation route up Pittsford Ridge taken by the
Americans after the Battle of Hubbardton on July 7, 1777.  Meet at the
Hubbardton Battlefield Visitor Center.  Be prepared for a steep hillside
climb. Admission is $1.00 for adults and free for children under 15.  The
Hubbardton Battlefield State Historic Site is five miles off VT Route 30 in
Hubbardton, or six miles off US Route 4 in Castleton (the exit is marked
Hubbardton Battlefield).  Call 273-2282 for information.

Sixth Annual Northeastern Open Atlatl Championship, Saturday, September 22,
10:30 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. (Addison)

Participate (or watch as others test their skills) in a growing sport based
on the ancient hunting technique of using the atlatl or spearthrower.
Native American craft demonstrations and special activities for children
throughout the day.  Lacrosse demonstration.  Closing event of Vermont
Archeology Week.  Admission is $2.00 for adults and free for children under
15, and includes entry to the museum.  Registration to participate in the
championship is $5.00.  You can register for the championship on site but
pre-registration is preferred (call 759-2412 for information).  The event is
at the Chimney Point State Historic Site, intersections of VT Routes 125 and
17 at the foot of the Champlain Bridge in Addison, VT.

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