I'll go! :)

I don't know if I can get my Jim to go, but I bet my friend Sarah will
come! :)


On Mon, 17 Sep 2001, Joy A. McQuillan wrote:

> Bob, etc.
> I'd like to hike up Snake Mtn.!!!  And I'll drag Jim along, so that's 3
> ... anyone else?
> As for a Community Service Project, a good place to start looking might be
> United Way of Chittenden County.  They might be able to hook us up with a
> non-profit org. which could use some computer expertise.  I'd be happy to
> make contact with them, IF we come up with a group of committed persons
> and an area of interest (web page development, database development, etc.)
> I'd say we need 3-5 people working on a project (minimum).  And we'd need
> a skillset defined to help match us with the needs of the customer.  I
> guess we need to know what kind of committment people are willing to make
> (# hrs/week for how long?).
> Joy  :)