As we watch the heroic relief efforts in New York City and the Washington area with growing sadness and horror, many Vermont municipal officials, employees and volunteers have expressed interest in finding a way for the municipal family to demonstrate its support for victims of the disaster - with particular emphasis on public employees affected by the tragedy.

The League of California Cities and our national partner, the National League of Cities (NLC) have came up with a wonderful concept for establishing a fund made up of contributions from local government officials and employees called the Always Remember 9-11 campaign.  The state municipal league network, including VLCT, will engage local governments and their officials, employees and volunteers across the country in building a fund that would eventually be distributed to public employees and their families who were affected by the tragedy.  Donations in any amount would be welcome - but we would focus on seeking contributions of $1 to $5 from every person who works for or volunteers their service to their own city, town or village.  NLC would identify an appropriate organization/relief provider to handle distribution of the funds. 

While there are still details to be worked out, we feel the campaign offers a way for the municipal family to support our colleagues who have been on the front lines of the relief effort.  In addition to the horror we experience, we have also felt enormous pride at the dedication and commitment of the many firefighters, police officers, and emergency personnel who have been working around the clock since Tuesday.  Many of us want to do something NOW to demonstrate our support and appreciation. 

Therefore, VLCT will be inviting you and your town, city or village to join the Always Remember 9-11 campaign.  Specifically, VLCT will be inviting contributions to the fund and to keep track of participation in Vermont.  NLC will set up and administer a national account in Washington to handle the funds.  We will be asking municipal governments to coordinate the effort at the local level.  Every city, town and village that participates and contributes to this important fund will be identified and recognized.

Early next week, the National League of Cities will provide materials to VLCT that we will use to publicize this effort and provide more details about the campaign administration.  VLCT will be providing each of its member municipalities with a packet of information of how to organize this effort on a local level.

Thank you for considering joining in this most worthy of efforts.


Steven E. Jeffrey,

Executive Director

Vermont League of Cities and Towns