Dencie, I'd like to have you come to Morristown for a visit.  Although my vault is quite large, I will be out of room within 5 years.  Maybe you can share ideas of some of the other towns you visit.
I have a hanging map file - it is the greatest. No more heavy books.
I recently got my index card filing system (wooden) from a library that became automated.  I have some metal index files that you could take a look at to see if they would meet your needs.
Be in touch if I can assist you.
Mary Ann - Morristown 
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Good Afternoon:

I am looking to take a road trip to visit your vault.  We will be upgrading our vault shelving and I am interested on how you do it. Specifically how your vault is set up, the type of shelving and the different applications, survey plats, vital records etc. etc.

I have a small vault 10' x 12'.  I think I want to look into lateral mobile shelving to replace my 6 filing cabinets.

Also need ideas on a new card index filing cabinet, I was given a quote today of $ 1,600 for a 15 PLASTIC drawer cabinet with wooden fronts.  Ouch........

I really appreciate any response you have.

Thank you.



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