Hey everyone,

we (the cssa) may be eligible for some sort of funding (!) from the
dean which I am going to talk to him about tomorrow. SO if anything comes
to mind that we really need cash for, let me know what you think of... but
I was thinking, how about we get our own web site domain and host it where
we can have a database, you know, before there's icecapades in hades?

I was thinking  does that sounnd good?

Otherwise lets see NEXT thursday at 7:00 Leslie Damon will give her talk
about "What CS job your personality is really suited for" It was great
last year and I'm going again. I haven't made a general announcement yet
because we don't know until tomorrow what room it'll be in.

Also we're working on a movie night for later in the month so bring on the
movie suggestions! I know that Bridget booked the CC theatre so we can
watch 2 to 3 movies in an evening depending on the length of them. I
forget what the date is, Bridget?

Anyway hihi I am busy too but just wanted to check in with everyone.
Notice I made no mention of current events at all. =)

-Caitlin 'hacking cough' Coughlin, cssa prez