Hi everyone,

I just want to underscore Caitlin's comments:  I also attended Leslie's talk
last year, and it was truly OUTSTANDING.  Leslie is articulate,
well-organized, and experienced.  She knows of what she speaks!!

The talk was interesting, informative, provocative, and lots of fun.

If you have the time (and if not, try really hard to make some), I highly
recommend this.  Besides, Caitlin's not lying about the food, either.



"Caitlin C. Coughlin" wrote:

> As promised, here is the update with the following additional info:
> The ROOM for this talk will be Kalkin 001
> The TITLE is: "Coding Blues? Alternative Careers in Computer Science"
> Don't forget tomorrow evening at 7:00
> I hope to see you there! :)
> -Caitlin 'the diligent' Coughlin, cssa president
> ---------- Forwarded message ----------
> Hi Everyone,
> On behalf of the CSSA I'd like to extend an invitation to come hear our
> first speaker for the semester:
> Speaker: Leslie Damon has graciously given in to our wheedling. =)
> Time: THIS THURSDAY 10/18 at 7:00 pm
> Place: we don't know yet but I will follow up, probably Kalkin
> Topic: What profession in Computer Science does your personality suit you
> for? (she has a neat title but I forgot it)
> Leslie gave this talk last year & it was great: if you missed it or went
> but forgot what she said I strongly encourage you to attend. She talks
> about personality types and what personality traits might suit you to
> certain aspects of jobs in computer science. Notably she makes a good
> point that not everyone is well-suited to coding in a room alone, eating
> pizza & quaffing caffeinated beverages -- and that there are (*gasp*)
> other options. She promised us the notes to put online but didn't get to
> it & thus her guilty conscience allows us to get a replay! :)
> Of course we will have the requisite bribery of refreshments afterwards.
> If you have any questions please email me: [log in to unmask]
> I hope to see you all there!
> -Caitlin '_still_ sick' Coughlin, cssa president.