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>Dear Colleagues,... "why do you keep these old journals - they're irrelevant?" (referring to our 7000 bound >journals that date back to 1980)."

We have pretty serious space problems [one 20' x 40' room with a collection of around 175 journal subscriptions and about 2000 book volumes + three computers and a copy machine. I keep on asking for space, but more space is not likely in the near future.  ... So, I keep a tally of what journals from what years get used.  [I use what's on the tables, what is requested and what gets photocopied to determine what's being used].

I use the information to cite statistics when I need to support keeping old journals [for example, 327 of 1096 journal uses last year, were from 1985-1990 journals].  It's time consuming, but useful for convincing decision makers.

Larger collections could use random sample methods for data collection, maybe?

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