Thank you for sharing the information about rxlist.  I was already
familiar with the site, but didn't realize that it has information in
Spanish as well as English.  The site doesn't make that obvious, but I
figured out a way to get to the info in Spanish.

Two colleagues and I have been teaching a series of workshops to public
health nurses in Pima County, where Tucson is.  The workshops are to help
them use web resources more effectively.  I just taught a workshop to the
nurses who work in our TB clinic.  However, we had not included rxlist in
our list of useful websites.

So, after reading your message, I searched rxlist by isoniazid, one of the
most commonly prescribed drugs, and found info in Spanish.  I just got off
the phone with the TB clinic.  They are thrilled to know about this!

Thanks again.  --Cathy

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