>Looks like the links didn't get translated.  Try these:

Thanks so much Adrenochrome for giving the picture links.  I had no program
to work on my web page in our new place, so last night I loaded a copy of
Adobe Go Live that I had.  I thought I'd figured out how to get the links to
work on the server, but alas, I must have missed a setting.  My apologies to
those folks that got the red X's (I got them as well here at work).  I'm
sure there's a setting somewhere that I missed, I'll look into the program
tonight.  For all my previous work I've simply used the Composer that comes
with Netscape and I had that down pat, but if anyone has experience with
Adobe Go Live, feel free to let me know where to look to get the links
working.  Some of you web gurus may have had exposure to this program in the
past. :)

Thanks again, J.Spin

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