Adrenochrome wrote:
>Sorry.  I have "issues" with the AMC.  Noble purpose and all that, but the
> nevermind.

That wouldn't have anything to do with the attitude that they own the
Whites and all the trails therein?

>On the fee demo?  Heh.  Ontario plates.  Go ahead, ticket me.  AWD too.  All
>4 wheels are locked when I'm parked -- good luck towing me.  (See, it comes
>in handy more often than you'd think!)

Um, have you ever seen a vehicle forcibly dragged onto a flatbed? I had an
old Toyota pick-up that was to be a project vehicle. When I moved I
"donated" it to a scrap dealer. The fact that it had the rear wheels off
and a frozen steering knuckle didn't matter in the least getting it onto
the flatbed.

>User pay?  I'd have no problem with that IF the extractive industries in
>operation on USFS land had to pay something even remotely close to
>private-market rates.

Don't forget the Bureau of Livestock and Mining  - perhaps even a worse
culprit. I'm not holding my breath for this to happen anytime soon.


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