>And Dennis they're not a sign of bad skiers  You only get good bumps
 when you have expert skiers, like at MRG.  And they're excellent training
for steeps and trees and such.<

I never said they were a sign of bad skiers, and I agree with everything
you said.  (Did poke a little fun at the Texans. :-))  Bumps are good when
good skiers make them and bad when bad skiers make them.  When bumps are
the best game in town that's what I do.  But when I am at the great
western places I do the chutes, trees, steeps.  In fact, I resent it when
I have no choice but to ski bumps or hardpack in the west because it
wastes my legs for what I really want.  Even at MRG I would rather be deep
in the woods than in the bumps, although it can sometimes be hard to get
far enough in the woods to escape them.  Bumps are great training and they
are fun in their own right.  All skiing is good.

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