Adrenochrome notes:
> Ski buses are evil.
> -

<shudder>  Evil?...I'll say...just look at the evidence from InterLan
corporate bus trip to Sugarloaf circa 1986...a younger, dumber, very single,
and emphatically *clueless* moment in history.

1.  Former Boston College linebacker military presses 170 lb friend out of
bus roof vent as bus lumbers toward the loaf.  Bus driver keys mike and
announces that all passengers must ride inside bus.  Later that night, same
former Boston College linebacker arrives at condo accompanied by two Maine
state troopers who politely ask, "Is this yours?"

2.  Scalliwags at rear of bus smoke so much dew that at one point the
organizer of trip comes to back of bus with a cease-fire proposal from front
of bus.  Negotiations break down and organizer returns to front of bus
reeking of dew and wondering if fingernail holds thousands of universes
within it.

3.  Gearhead scalliwags open engine hatch and watch engine while bus travels
down road.

4.  Empty beer cans are tossed into luggage rack.  Last dribbles of two
hundred cans accumulate in puddle, roll to front of bus and rain on front of
bus.  Hatred is palpable.

5.  Drunken bus passengers decide to snowtube at hill upon arrival.  45
minutes later, lifeflight helicopter choppers out friend with collapsed

6.  rettihs fills to capacity and overflows.  Gearheads open engine hatch
again to drain floor...eyyyewwww.

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