On Wed, 17 Oct 2001, Scott Braaten wrote:
> Western 'Dacks will be best chance if it can change to snow quickly this
> evening.  The Lake Effect snow won't crank too hard so Vermont might have a
> harder chance at this one.  Lake band will set up north of the Mohawk River

Scott thanks for the EWS snow reports!

One gripe though, your use of
the term Lake Effect and applying it to Vermont.  The Lake Effect is a
bona fide weather phenomenon, but requires massive lakes on the order of
the Great Lakes and while I applaude Jefford and Leahy's funding coup,
Champlain is NOT a Great Lake.  It is far too narrow for overpassing
weather systems to gather extra moisture sufficient to noticably change
snowfall amounts.

Boy, though I wish it were true, I could go for some snow this morning.

--Matt K.

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