I couldn't help but notice this clipping from First Tracks on Stratton's two new
6-pack chairlifts, and compare it to MRG:

"The first lift at the Sun Bowl, called the Sunrise Express, will carry 3,600
skiers and snowboarders per hour, and drop them off half way up the mountain in
4.5 minutes.

The Shooting Star lift will carry the same brave souls to the summit in an
additional 3.25 minutes. Both chairs can carry 1,200 more people than their quad
 chair predecessors.
"You might want to pace yourself with all these lifts," Foster said. "You'll
find that you're getting so many runs you'll linger over lunch."
The Sun Bowl Lodge will also have increased amenities, including a new deck, a
Belgian waffle booth, a bar, a cafe, rentals/repair and light retail.

"It will ideally rate as an amazing ski experience," Foster. Foster said that
the mountain now has 90-percent snowmaking.
The entire mountain lift system is capable of moving 30,000 people per hour,
which will be a big help during the U.S. Open Snowboard Championships in March.

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