Mathew Reagan wrote:

>>You know, come to think of it, my friend who went through the
PerfectTurn(tm) sequence didn't learn anything resembling a
short-radius/narrow trail/skidded-stop turn until something like level
7.  Maybe they created a market for the ill-conceived wide trails by
only teaching wide-trail technique?<<

New Post:
>>Excellent point.  Felling trees helps create good ad copy for the
NYC/Boston market<<

Both of these post are so poorly thought out and reasoned that they are just
plain stupid. Perhaps a little bit of thinking should go on before the
typing begins. The clear cutting and the widening of trails happened more
than 2 decades ago. Perfect Turn is a relatively new program that was
developed over the last few years. So your attempt at a cheap shot at ASC is
chronologically backwards. As for your second pathetic attempt at humor,
please explain to me why "felling trees" is good copy for the NY/Boston
markets. Are you going for the stereotypical slag on these skiers? Why
didn't you throw in New Jersey and Connecticut for good measure. Oh wait a
minute I forgot, people from these areas can't ski, be polite or appreciate
the environment. The only ones who can do that are from Vermont and only if
they are skiing on old gear wearing duct tape clothes, a flannel shirt and
shit stained underwear.

Do a little research, New York was one of the cradles of skiing in this
country and native Vermonters did loads of environmental damage without any
help from anybody else.

Are you also one of those guys yelling: "get out of my line" as you skid
your way down?


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