Just got off the phone with Auberge Estremont. They are already booked full
on MLK weekend.  However, if we keep this thing scheduled during the second
weekend of January, they have an awesome Thursday-Monday deal for us.  For
*maybe* only a little more than OwlsHead, we can get  true 5 star lodging
(ie: outdoor pool, tubs etc.), huge five course breakfast and dinners
prepared by THIS YEAR'S award winning chef in the Townships, a four day
Sutton-Orford-OwlsHead-JAY ticket, and ..get this... our own FREE personal
Swampfest tour bus transportation everywhere during our four day stay,
INCLUDING pickup and dropoff from a chosen rendevous point anywhere in New
England to start and end the trip if we wish.

I will know by Friday.  What does everyone think?


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