From: Leigh Daboll

> It makes no difference to me, since I don't have the holiday Monday off
anyway.  However, I suspect
>  it will to many on the list, and so I am checking out the Auberge
Estrimont in Orford for a group deal.
> After speaking to them last year,  they will not quite match the OwlsHead
prices, but it's a much better
> place and the food is supposed to be as good or better.

Bear in mind the holiday weekend is the 19th-21st this year.

Personally, I wouldn't be averse to paying a little bit more to stay in..
er.. less spartan rooms.  (BTW, the Hotel Union in Magog is definitely on
the "never again" list :-) Or to avoid the moral dilemma of spending a day
at the 'head.  It didn't do much for LG or I.  Maybe we should have followed
the "over the edge" crowd that day. :-)

> Alternatively, we can all move to the North Troy Inn or something similar
on the final Sunday night and
> ski Jay on our last Monday.  It will result in a slight reordering of the
hills, but avoids a weekend day at Jay.

That would work too, although I wonder if a holiday Monday at Jay would be a
wise plan.  OTOH, keeping border crossings to a minimum is probably also a
consideration, given the extra time that will be required at the border this

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