Just got off the phone with OwlsHead.  They are unable to get us all rooms for ANY January Sunday night this year (ie: no Monday ski day).  They can only do a Thursday-Friday-Saturday stay only (ie: ski on Fri-Sat-Sun). We will have to find alternative accomodations on Sunday for Monday's skiing.  
We can, however, book a Wed-Thu-Fri-Sat night stay (ie: ski 4 days Thur-Sun) during either the first or second weekend  of January. 
It makes no difference to me, since I don't have the holiday Monday off anyway.  However, I suspect it will to many on the list, and so I am checking out the Auberge Estrimont in Orford for a group deal.  After speaking to them last year,  they will not quite match the OwlsHead prices, but it's a much better place and the food is supposed to be as good or better. 
Alternatively, we can all move to the North Troy Inn or something similar on the final Sunday night and ski Jay on our last Monday.  It will result in a slight reordering of the hills, but avoids a weekend day at Jay.
Who can't make the four days if we bump ahead to Wed-Sun and who's still in?  Who wants to move it to Orford?  Who wants to stay the last day in North Troy?
Input please......