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Sent: Friday, October 12, 2001 3:34 PM
Subject: [SKIVT-L] New Swampfest III Info

Just a heads up on what I learned at the ski show last evening.  The Owl's Head folks want me to speak with them as early as next Tuesday to tentatively reserve the Auberge for the semi-exclusive use of SF III attendees over the MLK weekend (seconf weekend in January)  Since I think we will have about 30+ attendees this year (which fills about 2/3 of the lodge), we may have to commit a bit earlier than last year.  Bookings were pretty strong at the Ski Show.
BTW, the same chef is still working at Owls Head, and both Orford and Sutton are anxious to show us some supposedly awesome off-piste secret stashes this year.
I will get quotes for prices on several packages, but I need votes to determine which one likely appeals to the most people.  They are now trying to work out very special "3-day interchangeable ET ticket" just for us.  The normal minimum is 4 days.
The normal routine has been some combination of Jay/Orford/Sutton/Owl's Head.  However, visiting that one day at Jay versus visiting only the latter three resorts and spending two days at one of them (likely Orford) or, alternatively, substituting Bromont for Jay, will shave about $25 pp off the package price. In the further alternative, adding Bromont as a fifth ski day to either of the first two above listed options will add virtually nothing to the cost of the trip because the cost of the Bromont lift ticket and 2 extra meals are offset by a lower perdiem on the balance of the package. So, I leave it to the list to vote  (by number below)  on cost versus tradition:
Note also that the selected plans this year will hopefully allow for an option to arrive on the morning of the first ski day rather than the prior night as an overnight visitor, thus allowing for a small cost savings for one less night's lodging and breakfast, maybe about $15 -20 pp max.
Please vote your number below.  Discussions and input welcome.  Remember, total cost will likely be less than $50USD pp pd for ski/stay/eat!!!!!!
4-day options:
1. Jay/Orford/Sutton/OwlsHead
2. Orford/Orford/Sutton/OwlsHead
3. Orford/Sutton/OwlsHead/Bromont
5-day options:
4. Jay/Orford/Sutton/OwlsHead/Bromont