Hello everyone,

I am in a bit of a rut. Helping one of my clients with a very intense lit
search this afternoon, I have not been able to find a previous indexing term
for "multicenter study" as a publication type. While searching the online MESH
search engine from the NLM site, I found that it was introduced in 1991. I do
not want to use the term "multicenter studies" as a MESH descriptor as
described by this page from the Indexing Principles fro Category E
(, as they
produce articles about the concept of the type of study. I am only interested
in finding multicenter studies as a publication type prior to the term
introduced into indexing in 1991. I know they exist, but need some other
terms. The online and pring MESH does not give any previous terms.

I have tried to limit by searching for the term this way:
multicenter study [ti] or multicenter study [ab] and limiting by date

Is this the way to go??

Can anyone offer any suggestions for me?



Holly A. Harden
Liaison Librarian
Welch Medical Library
Johns Hopkins University

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