I think clarifying the term, 'permanent', is the key.  One of my friends got around this  by building his home(a yurt) on cement footings that sit on the ground.  I'll bet that something like this could be done for your camping platform.


At 09:22 PM 10/20/01 -0400, you wrote:
Turns out my country girl wife has an aunt who owns the lower 50 acres of the
Teardrop trail on Mansfield. Those of you who have skied the Teardrop top to
bottom (Dan B, Wes, Rogi), her top property line is a few hundred yards below
the Lower Teardrop headwall, at about 2100 or so ft. I have permission to use
it, but Underhill town zoning prohibits permanent structures above 1800 ft.
Zoning folks tell me I can make a decent platform wherever I want to up
there. Could be a cool place to winter camp in cushy style- 20 minutes from
my house, straight shot to the Forehead....
 Anyway, the camping question is-what structure to put up on the platform? I
have a small woodstove for heat, and have looked into tepees with liners. You
can get a stove kit, but who has ever camped in the winter in one? Needing
advice Jumpin

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