Thanks for the rundown.  If its not too much trouble, can you send me the
name of your guy in Boston?  Although I'm in CT, he may have an associate
around here.

Through some trial & error, I have found that although I don't often get the
serious arch cramping, I get lots of collateral pain, similar to sciatica.
My orthopod tells me that its solely (pun fully intended) due to being
flatfooted.  When I hike, I do notice a huge difference when I have my "over
the counter" arch supports than when I don't.  Also, during the summer,
while wearing Birkenstocks, I really feel the semi-blister growing. It can
really throw off my sense of proprioception, as I tend to favor one side
over the other.

Thanks again for the information.


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>Subject: Re: [SKIVT-L] woe is me
>Date: Thu, 25 Oct 2001 14:17:36 -0400
> > From: Jay Pesci [mailto:[log in to unmask]]
> > Any flat-footed listers out there?  I've been told that I
> > have 2 flat feet, one flatter than the other.
>A few comments based on my experience....
>1) I'm on my third set of "medical" orthodics, which I differentiate
>from the custom foot beds you get at some good ski shops.  My
>best suggestion is insist on an podiatrist that specializes
>in sports medicine.  Some do, some don't and worst of all, some
>say they do but really don't.  I've found no good way to
>discern between them.
>2) My current orthodics have a really dramatic drop-off at
>the front of the arch.  So much so that insoles like SuperFeet (tm)
>feel like flat soled mocassins on my feet.  This has solved
>my day to day problems which have included extreme foot
>pain.  However, there is a cost in the form of blistering
>in the arch or worse, bruising.  These things occasionally happen
>when I'm trail running, hiking or skiing.  It depends a lot on the
>shoe/boot.  My current solution is to use my orthodics for
>day to day wear and then supplement with off the shelf
>solutions like SuperFeet (tm).  For instance, in my Merrell
>Wilderness hiking boots, my ordotics work.  In my similar
>but newer Fabianos, I need to use SuperFeet.  In my light
>boots, I can get away with the orthodics for day to day
>use but need to switch to SuperFeet for, say, hiking in
>the Presis.
>3) I find my orthodics work better in my ski boots the
>higher the boots are.  I'm my low cut Snowfields, its an
>even better wether I'll blister or not depending how
>rough and tumble the skiing is.  In my higher Futuras,
>the orthodics work great.  They also work great in my
>SuperComps and worked great in my old Lange bondage boots.
>I noticed an immediate increase in my ability to hold
>an inside edge, btw.  Also note that I don't pound frozen
>bumps like a mad man so YMMV if you ski bumps or huck with
>4) I've got a name of a podiatrist in the Boston area I trust
>if that would be helpful.  Just holler.
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