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|   Then order prosthetic feet that are
|   perfectly shaped. A lot less finnicking required that way. Plus, no
|   more chilly toes.

Been done.  Once skied with someone back in my MASH days who just
stuffed prosthetics into some kind of rear-entry Salomons and cranked
'em down tight (always wondered if the boots or the feet were modified
to make this work).  It was enough for a decent wedge-christie
technique, believe it or not, and probably would have been fine for a
lifetime of lock-kneed, stiff-ankled, 1980's-style hardpack scraping.
She upgraded to a sit-ski in college though--much better for
ripping/absorbing rock-hard mogul lines.

And the whose that I was, I'm sure I complained about my poor boot fit
while watching this person ski...


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