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>I came up with that just by adding up the green spots (which, afaik,
>represent 2-4 inches of snowfall in a time period) over the Greens.
>That would be the amount that falls, not necessarily the amount that
>sticks. 6-12 is wishful thinking, but dreams can come true.

Your never know.  You might wake up Sunday mornign and find out
that Jay is reporting 8-12 inches or something like that.  I think Jay has
the best chance as the flow off the lakes will be comming from the
southwest...leading to the Northern 'Dacks and northern Greens with best
chance.  If any place Jay would be the one to be looking at.

>One nice thing about is that it accounts for elevation
>changes, whereas intellicast seems to treat all of Vermont as the same
>elevation. So intellicast will often predict all rain, whereas
> will show rain in the valleys and snow on the ridges.

Yes I totally agree with you on that one.  Snow-forecast does a nice job
with the elevation differences and the rain/snow line.  I dont know how
much I would trust the actual snowfall data as I found they were off a
bunch of times last year...but did well at the end of last year with the
late March storms that were elevation dependent.  Its touch and go..but
thats how it is with most every other forecast provider.


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