Wow, excellent review.  Sounds like a great Sierra slop slider.

So what are people going to mount on these bad boys?  I'm leaning
toward an alpine mount, but haven't looked at alpine bindings in
almost four years.  Have extra-fancy, extra-heavy, extra-pricey,
integral-mount bindings taken over, or are there other options?

I realize the importance of quality bindings.  I wouldn't want cheap
bindings, and I wouldn't want "recreational" bindings that err towards
release (a problem an aggressive friend of mine had with his low end
Markers even at appropriate DIN).  But, can you get a solid binding
(for a DIN 6 skier) these days without all sorts of power-transfer,
adjustable position, integral riser, free-flex junk that adds weight
and cost?

Too bad my old Tyrolia 490D's (the metal version!) are way, way, way
out of indemnity.  :)


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