Quoth Marc:
|Speaking of which, does anyone know how to find out what bindings are
|and are not indemnified? I know the general rule of thumb is ~10
|years, but it's sometimes different for specific models/years.

I inquired about this back in 1997 when I last shopped for bindings,
and the numbers I got from various ski shops were in the 4-6 year
range.  Of course, one of these shops didn't want my release-check
business because "the boot soles are scratched."

If the thinning base finally peels off my 9.26's early enough in the
season, I'll just reuse my '98 Tyrolias.  Incentive to ski early and
often on thin cover?  Maybe.

(BTW, the shop that didn't like scratched boots was the same one that
ground off 75% of my base thickness to make a small base ding
disappear.  Don't go to Ski Market in Boston, even if you have a
half-price stone grind coming to you.)

|I have an old pair of Tyrolia 480D's (which are in the same boat as
|Matt's 490D's) and one of the earlier models of Marker SC whatevers -
|circa 1996.

Take a close look at the 480D's plastic segments, though.  That
powdery finish is NOT a good sign!  BTW, I haven't seen Tyrolia
bindings in any of the shops around here.  Aren't they still the most
popular brand in Europe?


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