They still claim to be the most popular(used) binding in the world.  We
have them at my shop.  Good deals on leftovers.  Tyrolia TD8(Din
4-12)  $99.  HMMMM


At 01:04 PM 10/26/01 -0400, you wrote:
>Quoth Marc:
>|Speaking of which, does anyone know how to find out what bindings are
>|and are not indemnified? I know the general rule of thumb is ~10
>|years, but it's sometimes different for specific models/years.
>I inquired about this back in 1997 when I last shopped for bindings,
>and the numbers I got from various ski shops were in the 4-6 year
>range.  Of course, one of these shops didn't want my release-check
>business because "the boot soles are scratched."
>If the thinning base finally peels off my 9.26's early enough in the
>season, I'll just reuse my '98 Tyrolias.  Incentive to ski early and
>often on thin cover?  Maybe.
>(BTW, the shop that didn't like scratched boots was the same one that
>ground off 75% of my base thickness to make a small base ding
>disappear.  Don't go to Ski Market in Boston, even if you have a
>half-price stone grind coming to you.)
>|I have an old pair of Tyrolia 480D's (which are in the same boat as
>|Matt's 490D's) and one of the earlier models of Marker SC whatevers -
>|circa 1996.
>Take a close look at the 480D's plastic segments, though.  That
>powdery finish is NOT a good sign!  BTW, I haven't seen Tyrolia
>bindings in any of the shops around here.  Aren't they still the most
>popular brand in Europe?
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