Just for those who might be interested in some snow...and maybe some of the
other weather guys on this list might voice their oppinion?

By this weekend(as early as Friday) temps will start to fall.  This weekend
highs might only be in the upper 30's, even mid 30's some areas.  From
reading Joe Bastardi's write up this morning he mentioned it will probably
be the coldest temps in the Northeast since the middle of last April.
He also mentioned some huge lake effect snow.  If all comes together the
western 'Dacks could get hit pretty hard.  Here is a quote from Bastardi
that I thougth was interesting : "Snow flurries will reach as far south as
northern Alabama and Georgia high ground and most sites in the Ohio Valley
will see snow in the air. 1-2 feet of snow are possible in lake-effect
areas this weekend above 1000 feet, but most areas will just see coverings
in the Appalachians."
Somehow I am not convinced of the 1-2 feet thing but it could happen.
Maybe widespread 2-5 inches across the north country by Sunday or so?
It moves out by mid week but it does hang around a little longer then all
the others and Bastardi keeps preaching that this is how the winter will
be...colder air just stays in the Northeast longer and longer then before
and in relation to the west it is here much longer and able to draw in real
cold air.

Any other thoughts?


PS: Killington to be open by Monday if temps hold true?

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