On Wed, 24 Oct 2001, Todd Fisher wrote:
> I've had some correspondence with Josh about his product.  It looks like
> they figured out how to do the riser correctly, which is nice.  The only
> drawback is that the hole pattern is not standard.  Anyway the toe box
> accepts any cable with hooks and also has a cool pin insert for climbing.
> He's telling me that they sell the toe box and riser for $90 before the
> season starts,  but would sell a batch for less.

The standard nordic hole pattern is crap anyway. Unless you're t-nutting
to the ski it's too weak for plastic boots. But I cant say I'm all that
excited about the Peak Rigs design to begin with. It seems like unless
your boot fits it exactly (which it wont as it wears down) it's gonna get
sloppy. It doesnt get rid of any of the tele-nnoyances that have bugged me
over the years either (boot rocker, excessive width, and releasability to
name the big ones). To be honest, touring flex (the real reason for the
design) has never been an issue for me either, and even if it was the Peak
Rigs doesnt seem like it will perform noticably different from a standard
three-pin. This, of course, isnt to say I would turn down a free demo...


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