> From: Todd Fisher [mailto:[log in to unmask]]
> Does anyone have any experience with or knowledge of the Peak Rig tele
> binding toe box ?

This is NOT based on any direct experience....

It seems to me that the goal of the peakrigs is to replicate
the free hinge toe of AT bindings.  IMO, this makes sense if
your primary purpose is yo-yo style skiing where it is up, up, up
in (very) free heel mode, followed by cable futzing and ripping
it up down the hill.

I choose tele (on the light side) because most of my skiing can
either be described as striding with occasional turns or
a constant mixture of climbing and turning.  So, my prefered
binding remains the Voile 3PC and 90% of the time, it's with
no cables attached.  To me, it doesn't appear to me that the
peakrigs could be skied and turned in a cableless mode.
I'm sticking with pins.

I should note that I bristle with the problem that the
peakrigs is attempting to solve; namely too much heel
retention in cable bindings.  But I also not that I am a
decided minority here.  Most folks seem content with
stock cables.

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