Trying to re-send as this didn't seem to make it out yesterday...

Okay, so it's not a snow report (there wasn't any), but today was the
instructor orientation meeting.  The interesting news includes:

for the new school-ers there is a new super pipe dragon (pipe will be
built in the same spot as last season) and new rails for the park (a
rainbow, a kinked rail, an s-rail, and a double wide straight rail)

for the woods crowd, we were told there was more brush cutting done this
summer than has been done in a long time, including nosedive glades and
red sled

the midstation on the little spruce double has been removed (which
probably won't matter to much of anyone)

Improved snowmaking on Gondolier - I can't remember if there were tower
guns installed or not, but they definitely are going to be guns of some
sort on firing from both sides of the trail, so instead of a 5 day job
to cover gondi, it should only be a 3 day job - expect the gondola to
open early this season.

Tower guns for the learning terrain on Spruce - again most people won't

According to one of the PR people, the water drawing/snowmaking stories
that have been in the Stowe Reporter are misleading.  Supposedly the
resort will be able to draw the same amount of water this year that they
could last year.


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