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Sent: Thursday, October 25, 2001 10:00 AM
Subject: Re: [SKIVT-L] KOD a no-go

> On Thu, 25 Oct 2001, Greg Beers wrote:
> > Looks like we're a no-go for this weekend. Although we will have
> > temps for Friday and Saturday evenings, temps start to rise during the
> > on Sunday and jump to near 60 for Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and
> > Friday. We'll keep you posted if things change (and, most likely, even
> > they don't)
> Ack!
> What a bunch of whoses!

"Financial responsibility" at work  850mb temps look very iffy from late
Monday into Tuesday, and from about Wednesday onwards.  So iffy that a
difference of about 100 miles (meterlogically that is rounding error that
many days out) would be the difference between staying open or being 60F
with a south breeze on the summit.

> Any chance for REAL snow this weekend?

Definite for northern 'dacks.  Very likely for Jay.  Chance for Mansfield.
Overnight/tomorrow morning.  Amounts at Jay may not be enough, definitely
not enough at Mansfield.  Keep an eye on:
(not modem friendly - 600kb animated image)

It shows precip in the Jay vicinity better than the US sites do, due to a
better observation angle in relation of the spine of the Greens, and being
further away from them.  I *think* the radar will still be in summer mode,
which will underreport precip (it is pointed too high) somewhat.

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