Duuuude, what are are you worried about indemnification for?  If they
won't set the DIN cause they're so old, well, all you're looking for is a
good mount job, right?  Tell them to simply mount it.  No release tests,
no finnicking with the DIN, nuthin'.  If you have difficulty getting them
to do this, Burrow's in Brattleboro will do it for $15.  They don't know a
can of beans about skis.  But all you're looking for is a jig-job.

For example, they mounted my Salomon 957 Composite bindings last season on
my 7SK's.  The 957's may even be '89 - not sure.  But waaaaaay past any
indemnification stage.  Sure the heel of one shattered on my first run of
closing day MRG '01 (frozen bumps).  But they didn't shatter when it
counted - the previous day on a frozen Left Gully and frozen (climber's)
left branch of Lobster Claw at Tuck's.  So scour the ski sales and look
for a good binding on cheap shit skis.

Ben K.

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