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>  The supermodels were intended to be ridden longer than a freestyle
>board, a frontier is intended to be ridden at the same length as a
>freestyle board (more or less).  If you liked a 168 supermodel, I
>wouldn't go any bigger on a frontier.

>A frontier may not be the best thing for riding trees, but it will excel
>at high speed carving.  Why not keep the supermodel as your tree board
>and use the frontier as your cruising board?

I'm definitely keeping the Supermodel.  Despite it's length, it's very
quick from edge to edge, and superb in the trees.  Your thoughts are
my plans: Frontier for hard, groomed conditions; Supermodel for everything
else.  (I now think the Supermodel is a better all-arounder than the
the Cascade would be a good replacement but why throw out the Supermodel
when it's in good shape and works well).

Carlos Albuerne

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