Oh the never ending tales of Real32. Here is my 2 cents on the matter.

We converted our 252 running v5.2 on a 386 to v7.2 on a Pentium266. This
Pentium266 came with a 20GB hard drive. We did the similar partitions etc
with similar results you are having. There is a command in Real32, that I
do not remember at this time (sorry), that you use to ID the hard disk.
When I used this command the computer would boot 25 to 30% of the time.
Since it was not stable I needed another solution so here is what I did to
get Real32 and Isodat to load.

1. I purchased a small 3GB (in 1998, of course these may be hard to come by
now) drive and partitioned it in half using MSDOS 6.22
2. Formatted both C and D using MSDOS 6.22 and loaded the MSDOS6.22.
3. Convinced all was ok I preceded with the installation of Real32 v7.5.
Once this was completed Isodat was loaded.
4. This in itself is its own challenge as most who have done it know. Once
Isodat was loaded and working I installed Win95.

Real 32 has a lot of limitations with respect to hardware and format styles
as does Isodat. Some of these may have been overcome by more recent
versions of Real32. You could visit the Real32 web site
( and search there incompatibility list (a lengthy
one the last time I checked). In addition, I am not sure but Win2000
requires a different format than Real32 and/or Isotat will except (e.g.,
FAT16 vs FAT32 vs NTFS). I went though this some time ago so I haven't
tried it with Win98, ME, 2K, etc. Both the 252 running the Kiel and the
Delta+ running an EA are set up this way and both are Pentium computers
(200 and 266MHz w/ 3GB hard drives) . I am able to dual boot to either
Isodat or Win95. I think you may find one of these things a source of your
problem. In any event this worked for me.

Good luck,


At 10:17 AM 11/20/2001 -0500, you wrote:
>Dear Colleagues,
>We are setting up a new computer in the lab (IBM 300GL) and have had a great
>deal of difficulty in booting up, either to Real/32 or Windows. The hard
>disk has been formatted, and repartitioned into a 2 Gig C:\ primary DOS
>partition, and a 17 Gig D:\ extended DOS partition. Windows 2000 has been
>loaded on the D:\ drive, and REAL/32 is on the C:\ drive. Upon startup of
>the computer, REAL/32 will not load beyond the point of displaying the
>message "loading REAL/32". The  loading sequence never gets to displaying
>the REAL/32 splash screen. This is the case whether the computer boots from
>the hard disk or a REAL/32 installation floppy disk. The question is how do
>we get REAL/32 to load properly on our computer? We have had no difficulty
>using two slightly newer Dell machines configured in a similar fashion.
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