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 Subject:      Re: Round Flex? (*** Tele gear head warning ***)

 Denis Bogan described:

 > the tele
 > 2-step; a step stem, then lift the rear ski, then slam it down for
speed &
 > direction control.  Step - slam.

 That's what I meant by "Dave's" aggressive style. I've seem some very
skilled practitioners of this style. I don't like it.<

There are indeed some excellent practioners.  I used to think step & slam
was the coolest thing and that it was a real badge of distinction.  After
all it was sooo different from the alpiners and we could ski anything they
could, albeit with a certain amount of flailing and thrashing.  I loved
the way the Bogner people looked bug eyed when we did it.  Soon, however,
telemarkers became common that nobody stared and I began to see the
disadvantages to this style, takes a lot of energy, 2 step turns are
slower than 1 step, etc.  My son has a very keen eye for technique and
would make a very good instructor.  It was he who convinced to listen for
the tail slap and to get rid of it.

Would be curious to hear from the heavy touring - light backcountry people
on this thread.  Dave Mann are you lurking?  Hal Leyshon?  (BTW nice to
hear from you, welcome to the List).

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