I have finally reached the conclusion that I will never use over half of my quiver.  With my new found tele passion, it's obvious that I just don't need this stuff.  It's good for conversation, but I could use the cash and space for childrens equipment, bump skis and tele equipment. 
All these goods are in my condo at the base of Hunta.  I'll ship it.  If you'd like it for free ask. All equipment is used unless noted.  Will remove bindings if desired. 
The list:
Chrispi Pro Comp tel boots size 10
Dynamic VR27 GS skis 200 cm (the pink ones)    NEW
Soloman Force 9E 3s power 8 with Soloman DR9 bindings 
Soloman Force 9E 2s power 7 with Marker Twin Cam SC bindings
Soloman Evolution 9 power 6 with Soloman DR6 bindings
Elan MBX 188cm with Geze PW6 bindings
Soloman DR7 Driver binding
Soloman 957 binding
Soloman Super Force 9 3s power 5
Olin Radius K 193cm w/ Rotofella bindings

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