I got out on the slopes for a couple of pre-season runs on Saturday. The
guns were going full blast the whole morning. Temps were comfortable
around 30F. The trails were all bumped up by the time I got there (10
AM) but the skiing was great. I made the mistake of having reeb the
night before and coffee that morning and ended up seriously dehydrated.
I found my water bottle, after I got back home. Ecstasy and jungle road
were real nice. Sunday punch was a blast. Didn't have the legs for T2.

I stopped by Cannon on the way home. They had started making snow Friday
night, but had problems with the pumps in the morning. I just got an
E-mail indicating that they started making snow again. They are hoping
for a Friday opening. They have done some trail work this season, check
out for details.

My legs feel like sticks now..... I cannot wait until I am in ski shape

                                                Jerry Abramson
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