There's a new virus out today which is spreading quickly.  It's another
Microsoft Outlook bug worm.

It's called [log in to unmask]

Virus defs are not yet available from Symantec.

For now, we've setup the email virus scanning gateway to drop all
attachments with the name "gone.scr".  That's the name of the attachment
this virus uses to spread.

If you received email earlier today with the text:

"How are you ?
When I saw this screen saver, I immediately thought about you
I am in a harry, I promise you will love it!"

and an attachment named "gone.scr", delete it immediately.

All emails coming through now will have the gone.scr attachment removed.

When the real virus definitions come out later today, we'll install them
on the email virus gateway.

If you've been infected, check out:

http:[log in to unmask]

From CNN:

"Antivirus companies warned people Tuesday about a rapidly spreading new
e-mail worm that is capable of deleting certain computer programs.

The mass-mailing Internet worm goes by the name "Goner" and is
distinguishable by its subject line (Hi) and the body of the message, which
promises a screensaver. The attachment is called "Goner.scr."

The files it tries to delete are antivirus programs and firewalls, making
it doubly malicious."