On Fri, 7 Dec 2001, Steve Cavrak wrote:
> There's an interesting book out by Anne Wells Branscomb,
> "Who owns information? From privacy to public access,"
> Basic Books, 1994. She starts with such simple questions
>         - Who owns your name ?
>         - Who owns your address ?
> and goes, if I remember rightly, to
>         - Who owns your drivers license ?
> The answers are the obvious ones - nor are they simple
> ones. No one would buy the book if they were.

The answer these days is simply, who is using your information that
they FOCED you to give in ways they didn't inform you they would? Or worse
yet, they will use however they damn well please. If in fact the Alumni
Association is using our info (which I believe they are), theyare
violating any semblance of trust they may have ever had.

Would you appreciate it if your Doctor sold your information?
Perhaps we should be collecting all our MBNA credit card applications we
get all the time and fill the Alumni office up with them.
Of course that does nothing toward stopping the telemarketing callers
(except of course that everyone should use the "do not call again" laws.

Steve... the book look interesting, maybe I'll look it up... of course, I
probably shouldn't check it out of the library or buy it from an online
dealer who might sell my info, cuz then they might know I'm on to them.

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