Hi Roger and everyone,

Roger asks...
>One person had implied that UVM has sold our e-mail addresses to spammers.
>anybody confirm or deny this?

Here is a posting I made back in August.
Hope this helps.

Hi all,

OK, OK, I was only "sort of" right.
While we don't "sell" students' email addresses,
we have entered into one business partnership (MBNA)
and as a part of that we do give MBNA contact information.
They may only use this information for the
affinity credit card program (not use for other
marketing or redistribute).
You can opt out of this by contacting either MBNA or
Alumni Relations.

And we share contact information with the US Military
as required under the Solomon amendment.

And that is all.

Chrysanne O'Neill, who is our Director of Alumni Relations
(and a really nice person) sent me the following info on the
MBNA program. (Thanks Chrysanne!)

Dear Keith,

The University currently has a partnership with MBNA, which offers an
official university affinity card to alumni, parents, staff, faculty, and
students of UVM.  The university supports this partnership by supplying
mailing information for these groups, to be used to market the credit card
only.  In return, UVM receives royalties on accounts opened and new
transactions; never on debt carried.   Anyone wishing to not receive a
solicitation on behalf of the UVM affinity card, is immediately coded as
such and pulled off our marketing list.

The MBNA card has been well received by our alumni.  The card stimulates
conversations about UVM in all parts of the country, and is a point of
connection for alumni no matter where they live.  The royalties UVM
receives help to support programming for alumni and students, much of which
would not exist without this source of funds.

I hope this is helpful to you.  Please let me know if you need further

Chrysanne O'Neill
Director of Alumni Relations