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>As always, information about the IT Standards Group is available
>online at
><>. Communications of the IT
>Standards group happens on the open <[log in to unmask]>
>listserv. Wesley took notes during our discussion on Tuesday, which he
>will post soon.

Dave Howell
Lynne Cummings
Geoff Duke
Wesley Wright (ordained note taker)
Travis Delaney

Geoff talked about process documents found at

David suggested that the bookstore is clued in at the end of the process

Geoff's goal is not to be the owner, or even very active, in this
selection process. Thus, first order of business: choose a
facilitator of this
particular inquiry process.

o nominations: someone from the web team? others concerned that their
needs do not necessarily reflect the UVM public at large. Preferable
if they can be involved, but not be the final decision makers. Also,
we don't want to draft someone who wasn't at the meeting.

o Travis said he would step up to the plate, if there were no objections.

o What next: jump directly to a recommendation based on last meeting
or step back and build a product matrix

o it was suggested that the real problem is not the HTML software,
but the UVM web infrastructure that demands FTP, file protections,
even folders and sub-folders.

o what can we expect from the helpline

o wesley laid out his reservations:
        - all available software has faults: we will be choosing the lesser
        of many evils
        - All are tilted in some way towards VBScript/Active Server
Pages (.asp)
        and in the case of Dreamweaver, Cold Fusion.  CIT offers no support
        for any of these "value added" features: nor do we find it
        strategic to support such proprietary technologies (as opposed to
        open software equivalents such as mySQL and PHP). If we recommend a
        product, we will have to say, "And yeah -- don't use this or that"
        - There is so much prerequisite knowledge -- such as page
        layout, design, web SITE (as opposed to page) management and design --
        that a user needs to make effective use of these packages that by
        the time someone is ready to step up to a Dreamweaver or goLive,
        they are (or should be) pretty much in a position to support
        Thus, do these people really need central support or a recommended
        product? I don't think so.
        - the whole point of the Web Team and "magicscript" was to relieve the
        burden of this prerequisite knowledge. The Web team has built an
        environment where the user need not know anything beyond Composer.
        - Wesley would rather see effort put into: promoting use of
        Web Team methods; basic internet skills such as FTP -- or better yet
        building a better infrastructure such that FTP and file permissions and
        other burdens to web publishing fade away. Manage knowledge,
        not web sites.

  to which Geoff added that our recommendations need not specify a
product, but we could recommend a process.

o so where are we? dunno. back at square one.  geoff suggests
        o start over with a product matrix sheet
        o look at the products and the criteria, determine hat products to add
        o next discussion: continue with a software recommendation or
        /and make policy recommendations.
        o ask for input from lists regarding above matrix

Example product matrix;

IT Standards list interface


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