An interesting week.  Decided to try installing Windows XP
on my home PC.  This machine normally gets used for MIDI
music sequencing, downloading images from my digital camera,
accessing the Web, and as a backup for the office PC.

As recommended by Microsoft, I started by running the Windows
XP compatibility checker.  The report made fascinating reading.
My encryption program which protects the data from the office
would stop working once I upgraded to XP.  As would the modem.
As would the USB driver for the digital camera and the MIDI
sequencer too.  So I went shopping instead.  This PC has been
quite happy running Win98 for the past 18 months, so I'll let
it continue for a while yet.

The moral of this tale:  Make sure you get the latest WinXP
compatibility checker and run it on your PC before you even
consider an upgrade.  You may not like what it tells you, but
it'll save you lots of problems later.

Robert Schifreen
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