It was the week before Christmas
And all through the college
The professors were busy
With increasing their knowledge

The students were home
Downloading music for free
Technical Support was
Still programming in C

The cables were laid
In the ceilings with care
In hope that more bandwidth
Soon would be there

The firewall was busy
Preventing elf havoc
The Business school hoping
For DNS that’s dynamic

When up on the  T1 line
There arose so much chatter
Even Network Services
Wondered what was the matter.

Was Earthlink creating
Their usual mess?
Or had one of the routers
Abruptly regressed?

Their beepers were ringing
And panic ensuing
Some afraid to go outside
Could an ice storm be brewing?

Then what on our
Wandering monitors should appear?
But a tiny red sled
And 8 tiny reindeer.

And consuming our RAM was
A right Jolly old elf.
Who said “It’s time to go home
And hang socks from your shelf”.

So he nipped off the power
Bringing work to a stop
And the next time we heard him
It was from the rooftop.

“On Spooner, On Cavrak,
 On Austin, On Meeks
 On Rohr, On Gaffney,
 And the rest of you Geeks”

“This staring at screens
 Day and night just won’t do
 Sometimes you must
 Go outside and play too.”

Then we all heard him laughing
As he rode off in the night
Saying, “Merry Christmas to all
And to all a good night….”