Thank you for some much needed, and very creative, levity.  I move
that this work be published, with permission, on the CIT web page,
the next "theview", the Alumni magazine and anywhere else that we can
hack into . . ahem, cough I mean . .. request publication.

>It was the week before Christmas
>And all through the college
>The professors were busy
>With increasing their knowledge
>The students were home
>Downloading music for free
>Technical Support was
>Still programming in C
>The cables were laid
>In the ceilings with care
>In hope that more bandwidth
>Soon would be there
>The firewall was busy
>Preventing elf havoc
>The Business school hoping
>For DNS that’s dynamic
>When up on the  T1 line
>There arose so much chatter
>Even Network Services
>Wondered what was the matter.
>Was Earthlink creating
>Their usual mess?
>Or had one of the routers
>Abruptly regressed?
>Their beepers were ringing
>And panic ensuing
>Some afraid to go outside
>Could an ice storm be brewing?
>Then what on our
>Wandering monitors should appear?
>But a tiny red sled
>And 8 tiny reindeer.
>And consuming our RAM was
>A right Jolly old elf.
>Who said “It’s time to go home
>And hang socks from your shelf”.
>So he nipped off the power
>Bringing work to a stop
>And the next time we heard him
>It was from the rooftop.
>“On Spooner, On Cavrak,
>  On Austin, On Meeks
>  On Rohr, On Gaffney,
>  And the rest of you Geeks”
>“This staring at screens
>  Day and night just won’t do
>  Sometimes you must
>  Go outside and play too.”
>Then we all heard him laughing
>As he rode off in the night
>Saying, “Merry Christmas to all
>And to all a good night….”


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