Before I moved to Vermont, I worked at the University of
Delaware, and for the last few years I was there, was the
primary anti-virus person (among other duties) in Computing
Services. We ended up getting a license for F-Prot anti-virus
software. It's not heavily advertised, but is the core of a
number of vendors' products. It's also gotten "Virus Bulletin
100%" awards a number of times (see )

They license it directly to schools (among other channels).
There is a FREE DOS version, and licensed Windows and
Linux versions. There is no Macintosh version.

The annual license for 21+ copies is $2.00 each, with
a 25% discount for schools, taking the price (first and
following years) to $1.50 per PC. More info on pricing at:

You can download a trial version (good for 30 days) from
the net if you want to give it a try.

Sigurd Andersen

At 10:40 AM 12/7/01 -0500, you wrote:
>Where do schools generally optain site licenses
>for their antivirus software
>         - from the vendor
>         - from one of the "educational software" vendors
>         - from govnet
>         - somewhere else