Jon - by the way (off the listserve) - I didn't realize you were from
Stowe when I first replied to your e-mail - doesn't Stowe have a LOT
of money to get rid of those old Apple's?

- Bryan

>Just for information, we have some LC580 macs, 5260/100 Power Macs as well
>as Imacs at Stowe. We are running appleworks 6.0 on our imacs, and so I
>researched to find out what machines could be updated.
>Appleworks 6.0 requires OS 8.1 and a min of 32 megs mem. (64+ is
>Macintosh LC580 can only handle OS 8.0
>Macintosh 5200/75, Macintosh 5260/100 and /200 can handle os 9.0
>Macintosh all-in-one G3 (beige) can handle os 10.0 or higher.
>The highest free os from apple to download is os 7.5.3
>I will probably upgrade my 5200 series and higher computers with more memory
>and new OS, when I find the money.


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