The TLC grant (three years) was an excellent boost to technology
needs in our school district. Unfortunately the bulk of computer
equipment was put into the elementary school and middle school but
the high school was left high and dry. I'm redistributing some of the
computers but the high school is in bad shape. I hope some day the
TLC grant comes back again!

- Bryan

>Hearing about LCs as the sole classroom computer is pretty tough.  Sounds
>like futility.
>What are the prospects for the return of the Technology Learning Challenge
>and other federal grant funds which met the real needs of classroom needs
>under-equipped districts.  That program (TLC) was an incredibly important
>boost to our programs in Springfield and began to give our kids, teachers,
>administrators, board members, parents and community members a vision of
>how important information/communication technology is.  That is the point
>that people begin to see that the local budget needs to provide and
>sustain these new tools. Does this funding come to the State in a block
>grant to be divided up locally?  Will there be new Vermont programs and
>initiatives or will it be earmarked for the VLN?
>My perspective on this is that we need to reinstate programs which serve
>K-8 classrooms -- where the fundamentals are established and put to work.
>VLN is an important idea too, but it doesn't hold much promise outside of
>our high school -- and it isn't here yet.
>Does that make sense?
>Duncan McCutchan
>District Technology Coordinator
>Springfield VT Public Schools
>Springfield, Vermont


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