Hi All,

In Addison Northwest we are using are in the third year of using SASI in our
three elementary schools and our Middle/High School. The elementary schools
use is limited to basic demographics, attendance, and medical reporting. The
high school is using the full suite of software for scheduling, grading,
transcripts, etc.

In addition to SASI we are using FileMaker Pro for our local assessment
system. We have developed student profiles for literacy and math and we are
currently developing one for science. This data is input by teachers using
computers in their classrooms. Reports are printed using both FileMaker and

It is our goal over the next couple of months to move results of the student
profiles from FileMaker into SASI. We are also planning to store test
results. SASI will them become our "datamine" for storing all manner of
student data. This will enable us to track a variety of student information
and give us the ability to co-relate information from different areas.

By using SASI to store the results of standardized tests as well as our
local assessment data, student information will travel with students as they
progress through high school. We will be creating reports that
administrators will be able to view at any time.

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> Hi all -
> An educational technology coordinator from  a Supervisory Union in the NW
> has asked if anyone has a list of what schools/districts/su's are using
> student management software (such as SASI, WinSchool, MMS), and if they
> some kind of method to use student assessment data. I know the management
> software and use of assessment data are not necessarily linked.
> If you have a minute perhaps you could supply us with a quick comment on
> this....
> Thanks for any help you can give....
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