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> To follow up on Gregg's comment.... ASAP Software holds the state contract.
> Schools can get substantial discounts on all Microsoft products, and many
> other software products.
> For information go to Contact Shela Naqvi at 800-307-4107 (Fax #:
> 847-465-3277; e-mail: [log in to unmask] or Bill Kluth at 301-941-1935 (Fax:
> 301-941-0488; e-mail: [log in to unmask])
> The information from the state is found at
> Bill Romond
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>> Where do schools generally optain site licenses
>> for their antivirus software
>>        - from the vendor
>>        - from one of the "educational software" vendors
>>        - from govnet
>>        - somewhere else
> We get all/most of our licensing from ASAP software who holds the Vermont
> K-12 state contract for Microsoft, Norton, etc.
> ....Gregg

To add weight to ASAP, Stowe district purchased our McAfee (Network
Associates) network system virus software from ASAP, which saved the school
a huge amount of money. The network system virus protection has software for
servers as well as individual client machines. The added benefit is that the
server can be set up to retreive the newest virus DAT files and the clients
can be set up to look at the server on a set schedule to auto update the
virus software definition files. The server will also email any virus alerts
to the tech team, etc.

Norton Virus has a similar system. I would highly recommend either one of
the server setups.
Jon Scherbatskoy - PC Support Technologist
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